The Mission of American Citizens First

American Citizens First mission is: To promote common-sense immigration reform that allows for controlled, legal immigration.


Our Platform

We want to promote and demand that the United States government:


  • Secure America’s borders immediately.
  • Enhance lawful immigration methods to promote skilled, desirable people entry into the U.S.
  • Enforce existing immigration laws.
  • Eliminate “Sanctuary Cities”.
  • Eliminate taxpayer provided benefits for all non-emergency services to illegal aliens – including welfare, medical benefits, food stamps, drivers licenses and tuition subsidies.
  • Deport illegal immigrants to their country of origin upon any felony conviction.


Our Methods

  • Support legislation that’s consistent with our mission through various advertising media.
  • Defeat legislation that’s inconsistent with our mission through various advertising media.
  • Promote candidates through independent expenditures..
  • Expose candidates that are unwilling to put the needs of American citizens first.
  • Alert you to pending legislation and news that’s relevant to our mission.
  • We are consolidating the voices of our supporters into a bold and unapologetic demand to our government.
  • Armed with donations from like-minded Americans across this great country, we’re both confident and proud that we will make a difference.

About Us

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Palm Beach FL  22480

800-656-1952 x 103

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