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Please help us make a difference by donating today. All donations (even the little ones) are greatly appreciated. American Citizens First is dedicated to the promotion of common-sense immigration reform through multiple media outlets, including TV, Radio and Billboard advertising. We are elevating the conversation about immigration reform, and we need your help!

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We believe America has lost her way. Most of us can remember a time when family values, national pride, honor, and commitment to our founding ideals were something to be followed and revered. Today, these ideals are endangered and worth fighting for. America has many complex problems. Chief among them is the lack of leadership and representation necessary to bring about an organized, conservative effort for the restoration of our rights as American citizens.


American Citizens First is choosing to isolate a single core issue that we can effectively address. That issue is “renewing the rights of the American Citizen and encouraging our government to be responsive to those rights.” We should take care of our own Citizens before we cater to the rest of the world.


America has starvation and homelessness of its citizens, its elderly, its veterans; yet we continue to invite, and tolerate, hordes of illegal immigrants from every country imaginable. America has cities that have declared themselves “sanctuary cities”, where local law enforcement chooses to ignore Federal laws. America provides healthcare, housing, food, welfare and driving privileges to illegal immigrants who are here illegally, yet we deny these same benefits to some of our own citizens!


To stop a ship from sinking, you must first plug the leaks. Join American Citizens First in our battle to stop the leaks of benefits to illegal immigrants, and return them to the people and families who created those benefits in the first place. Let’s work together to serve American Citizens First.

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